Acupuncture reduce weight

Acupuncture reduce weight is through the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture method, body acupuncture and moxibustion related points, to adjust the body endocrine function, and finally realize the weight loss. Acupuncture reduce weight are thought to be relatively safe, reliable, and through the human body related acupuncture point, to adjust the body endocrine function, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing weight. Acupuncture reduce weight is considered using traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion methods for weight loss, compared to the rest of the way to lose weight advantage is painless, no side effects, the ways of treatment such as simple.

The modern medical science thinks more overweight and obesity with endocrine [2] disorder, various hormones, especially insulin, sex hormones, adrenal cortical hormone, leptin, abnormal, but through the acupuncture to regulate endocrine, make it tend to normal; On the other hand, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical analysis mainly from the viscera obesity and liver spleen and kidney three dirty function related, through the acupuncture can achieve zang-fu's, make the liver and spleen kidney function returned to normal.
Regulate gastrointestinal function

Gastrointestinal regulate comprehensive effect most reflected in decreased appetite and defecate unobstructed the two changes, we know, a lot of the obese reason, because eat too much, so gastrointestinal function to reduce weight the effect is very big. Not so want to eat, this is a lot of accept acupuncture reduce weight can observed phenomenon, because of acupuncture can prolong gastric emptying time, so can make originally comparative hyperfunction appetite, be suppressed, and even decline. Additional, still can improve the intestinal function. For example some constipation in acupuncture weight loss process, intestinal peristalsis strengthened, discharge effect is enhanced, this is acupuncture can enhance bowel function results.
Improve the body metabolism

Acupuncture reduce weight
Here's metabolism, including sugar metabolism, fat metabolism, etc. Acupuncture can enhance the speed of metabolism, make the body burning fat increase, so as to achieve the goal that reduce weight, also many obese people have metabolic function obstacle, have a plenty of fat metabolism disorder, have a plenty of sugar metabolic disorders, in acupuncture process, can see the improvement of metabolism, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia patients, in acupuncture process often to illness also can get adjustment.

Improve the endocrine system function
A lot of obesity is happened in adolescence, postpartum, menopause this several stages, especially women, this several stages are endocrine change very intense period. In acupuncture weight loss process, many with irregular menstruation, amenorrhoea wait for a symptom of women, in process reducing weight and not according to these symptoms treatment, but often through the acupuncture, can improve the original symptoms, this is all endocrine improved results.
Acupuncture and moxibustion for treatment of obesity, is mainly through the three aspects action.

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