How to choose the original weight lose capsules?

Now, many women pay more and more attention to their own shape, weight loss products can help women to lose weight fast,and do not need to on a diet, become the first choice of many women, but how to buy the original medicine reducing weight? Today, I to introduce some methods:

frist, see the product's trademark have registered

The strength of the regular health food or pharmaceutical enterprises in the products on the market before the first must be registered trademark, so if you buy the product by the name of no one? , that you have to such products to more deeply understand the. If a claim to be international multinational big company's products into China, there is no the packing of the products? Or TM is very questionable, it is most likely that home fictional company, you have to check the heart.

Two, it must have lose weight product approval document number

one, all the weight loss drug must have the state drug supervision administration approval number: traditional Chinese medicine approved by the state

Enclosed: drug approval number format


second, all lose weight health food must have the state ministry of health or the state food and drug administration issued the approval certificate of health food and number: health food health into word or no.534

Format for: (year) the first

Some product's not weight loss products, this product on the packaging of general won't write "health care function: lose weight," the words, but design a seemingly lose weight product packaging, or up a sounds like weight loss products commodity name, in fact, it is only a kind of like cookies and milk of ordinary food, have a plenty of to add some illegal drugs to sacrifice health reduce weight purposes, such as light laxatives, diuretics, suppress appetite medicines, also have a plenty of through the let you use their products to eat less food to achieve goal reducing weight, using this method result is can cause malnutrition and increase the cell variation may (malnutrition will increase the possibility of cameration cells), and easy to rebound, the use of such a weight loss products as well eat formula milk powder weight loss.

So those who no approval number medicine reducing weight product no matter how star help hype, don't take his body to be test.

Third, understand weight loss products of scientific research strength

General component complex weight loss products production enterprise has a strong scientific research strength, such as possible about what they say researchers really, so fierce character, is online will be able to find his detailed introduction.

Four, do not use words ancestral secret recipe or famous doctors impart words such as drug reducing weight.This is relevant laws and regulations banned publicity language, such as really is what secret recipe also can't use the language of the publicity, if you see this product, the biggest may be underground factory production of neutral products.

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