Male healthy way to lose weight

Man how to lose weight fast and keep healthy, we must first find out the cause of the fat. Why people get fat? Is a fundamental reason: input > consumption! You eat too much, the body need not so much nutrition, put it into fat stored up up. Want to make oneself not get fat, must keep do: daily calorie intake = body the quantity of heat that use up. To make you lose weight, you must do it: every day, the quantity of heat that use up > calorie intake. This is the principle of reducing weight. So, what man how to lose weight?

1. from the belly start achievement man lose weight, strictly abide by and develop "early to eat well, noon eat satisfied, late eats little" eating habits, including "night eats little" is the key to losing weight! Here are three must pay attention to: one is must eat breakfast. The person that does not have breakfast, easy to get fat. Because after a night of sleep, and the body more than 10 hours have been consumption energy did not eat, the human body need rich carbohydrate breakfast to complement afresh, stored energy, do not eat breakfast make the person is in when lunch appear strong hollow feeling and hunger, imperceptible eat too much food, excess energy will turn into fat in the body; The second is noon must eat satisfied. Noon don't eat satisfied, evening inevitable hungry, "night eats little" it will be difficult to do, Three is the evening must do try to eat less as far as possible! And dinner don't eat meat, sweets, Fried food, drink a few delicate noodle soup, rice water can, don't drink salty soup. Many lose weight winners happen to coincide the secret is: after 9 o 'clock in the evening resolute don't eat, and resolute don't drink! This is their keep curvaceous key, according to the human body biological clock running show, after 9 o 'clock, the human body each organ function has basically weak condition, that it is also accumulates adipose hour.

Someone says: nine o 'clock I'll hungry afflictive, how to do? Then eat an apple. Apple fast weight loss method . Apple can recuperate intestines and stomach, zhixie, aperient, xiaoshi chemical product, can treat high blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol. The apple is low calorie food to apple to appease hunger can cause the body to reduce the quantity of heat that absorbs, at the same time, apple and contain the human body essential all kinds of amino acid, protein, vitamins, minerals and carotene, etc., can basically meet the necessary human body, and the human body can be fully digest absorb, there are very few waste, also reduced the intestines and stomach, kidney burden, cause the body to waste could be fully discharge, make the blood to purify.

2.After supper walk trot to more than half an hour. A lot of people fat part mainly in the bottom and abdomen, such people have a common characteristic, or engaged in official correspondence work, or do not love activities. Long time before sitting at the desk, computer, TV before before, redundant quantity of heat to use up not to drop, into fat deposition in the abdomen and the hip. So, want to reduce weight, must change does not love activity way of life, to increase the movement, consumption redundant quantity of heat. Men lose weight to perspire, will have a good effect. Take exercise in the morning exercise is better than night.

3.don't eat sweets. Protein won't make people fat, sugar can make people fat. Because the sugar in the body vulnerable to decomposition and absorption, is the main source of human body heat. Most of the food contain sugar, the sugar has guarantee the need of your body. Additional excessive eating sweets, can trigger pancreas release a large amount of insulin, prompting glucose into fat. Most of the fat man, there is a love to eat sweet food habits. Want to lose weight, try not to eat sweet food after ather. (high school students had better not quit eating sweets, because sweets can enhance memory).

4. feeding speed will slow. When having a meal chew more often, to nibble slow pharynx, so that is not only beneficial to saliva and gastric juice to digest for food, but also helps to reduce the eating. Food into the human body, high blood sugar to a certain level, the brain appetite center will be issued a stop eating signal, too fast food, the brain a stop eating signal before, you have to eat too much. So eat speed will slow, have a meal with eighty percent full advisable.

Weight loss and many of the specific small methods, such as vinegar, abstinence from alcohol, don't eat snacks, but I think that as long as more than do the most important four o 'clock is ok. The key lies in insist! The key lies in form habits! That is what I did, not trying to go on a diet, also did not deliberately to exercise, according to the above four point to do and turn it into my life habit, a years my weight dropped 20 pounds! Effect isn't it obvious? In my opinion, the only way to lose weight is the science of weight loss! Only in this way to lose weight is an effective way to lose weight! Only in this way to lose weight is a healthy way to lose weight! Friends who want to lose weight it is worth a try.

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