Vigour 800mg image"Premature ejaculation" can be fatal to man, and therefore, the length of time that each man preoccupied with the problem. So those who are suffering premature ejaculation need some stamina pills, and they need know where there are male sex pills on sale. Then the standard time of intercourse is for how long? Why is there a phenomenon of premature ejaculation? There was no rule? A man will be a topic of concern, now is your description.


For a long time there is no absolute standard, American founder of modern sexology Kinsey study, published in 1950, the report pointed out that 75 percent of American men during intercourse, the penis into the vagina within two minutes ejaculation; in Taiwan there is not yet such a study or survey, published. But from clinic experience and conversations with young friends, it can be found that the timing is generally the case, and most people do not think this is the problem, they can also accept it is. In the past it was the "two minutes" when the standard value, but now few people would think so. Another kind of new opinion says, there is more than half the number of intercourse can make sexual partners met sexual climax, but this should not be quantified absolutely, because different sexual partners may have different feelings for sexual climax.


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