The ingredients of Zi Xiu Tang diet pills

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1..Bee pollen.

Bee pollen benefits are marvelous and odds are that you could enhance your well being significantly with all the a variety of bee pollen benefits.

2.Chinese yam.

Chinese yam (Dioscorea opposita) is usually a root that may be used in traditional Chinese medication.Chinese yam is native to China,Japan,Korea,andTaiwan,exactly where it may be identified increasing wild on hill slopes and in valleys.

3.Barbary wolfberry fruit.

Barbary wolfberry fruit are one of many most important conventional medications in China.Wolfberry fruits happen to be employed considering the fact that historical instances in China as common tonic,to protect the liver,to boost vision,to bolster weak legs and also to market longevity.Immune process, Anti-aging,Cancer prevention,Liver safety,Vision development.

4.Lotus seed

Lotus seeds originate from the lotus plant.In conventional Chinese medication, lotus seeds are regarded as sweet and neutral,and so are connected with the Spleen, Kidney and Soul meridians.Other conditions handled with lotus seeds involve palpitations, sleeplessness and irritability.

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