Thin abdominal method for the office lady

For OL, the most easy get fat body part is abdominal la. However, due to the comparison of the winter wear thick, so swim ring when the upper part of the body is not easy to find, but once into a small "abdomen" woman, want to get rid of the fat around my waist to be more difficult. So in the early spring, with us to learn five recruit lohas thin body method, decrease hoarding fat, let a figure uneven have send!How to reduce the waist fat quickly,how can be slim healthy,hare are some method i suggested:

Lohas thin abdominal method one: the housework thin abdominal method

Suitable for OL type: love to eat less dynamic type

Specific rule: for only like to eat is not willing to move OL to shape good will "bear hardships and stand hard work". The so-called bear hardships and stand hard work is to eat less large packing food, do more heavy housework. Because was seldom motion, so can you do the housework fluctuation kongfu. Belong to this type of OL, only need to remember a principle - avoid light is heavy.

One specific law: OL in daily life rarely movement to abdominal muscle, plus long-term sat in the office, abdominal dewlap will not invited the. In the face of such situation, every night before going to bed do your chair thin body exercise is very necessary. First of all, lie low is on the floor, feet put on the chair, ham and ground into a right Angle. The right hand unthought, left hand to side unbend. Then gradually rise upper body, achieve and floor into 30 degrees Angle, and at the same time, the upper part of the body forward right elbow to twist to his left knee. This movement each group of 15 times, insist to do every day to 3 groups, two weeks can see effect.

Lohas thin abdominal law 3: coarse salt thin abdominal method

Suitable for OL type: abdominal muscle fat large

The other specific law: have to say, some OL is the very unlucky natural waist thick type. So for the abdominal muscle hypertrophy OL speaking, for abdominal long-term "meat" is the best way to thin abdomen. Can go to the supermarket to buy several bags of coarse salt is put in the home standby, every time before taking a shower, take out a cup of coarse salt and a little hot water mixing into a paste, then it is applied on the belly. Massage about 10 minutes later, the flush out with warm water. Every time before bath to insist on using coarse salt massage, even if difficult to fix the abdominal muscle, also can have uneven change. What need reminds is, if the skin is sensitive, please select special "prevent sensitive bath salt".

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